Instructional Riding Workshops

2013-01-18_13-13-28_346Instructional Riding Workshops operate under Wolf Creek Snowmobile Tours special use permit by the San Juan National Forest. Snowmobiling experience is required and we welcome riders of beginner, intermediate, and advanced abilities. You will only be paired with riders of similar skill level/interests. We are excited to work with you for 1, 2, 3, or however many custom days you choose! Your instructor is certified in general first aid and cpr as well as level 1 avalanche training. Each workshop consists of three primary areas- avalanche safety, riding instruction, and mountain safety and awareness.
AVALANCHE SAFETY- This is NOT an avalanche class. It is an offering of advice and practice based on our own experience and training. For Avalanche Safety Classes click Here.

  • Check and Understand Daily Avalanche Forecast & Bulletin
  • Overview of Proper Safety Gear and Storage
  • Practice Efficient Gear Assembly
  • Safe Travel Management
  • Evaluate Snow Layers and Stability
  • Terrain Recognition
  • Measure Slope Angle
  • Learn from Visual Observations
  • Mock Rescue

RIDING INSTRUCTION/GUIDING– Learn from and ride with an experienced professional in his ‘backyard’! We are here to help you advance your riding skills on a personal level and ride your sled to its potential. We will help you in the areas that you want to improve. By teaching proper technique and building confidence in your abilities and equipment, you will be on track for a bright future of mountain snowmobiling with your MOUNTAIN SKILLZ! Riding instruction will be catered to your personal ability and goals in the specific disciplines of

  • Safe Travel Management
  • Deep Snow ‘Breaking Trail”
  • Powder Turns
  • Wrong Foot Forward
  • Sidehilling
  • Controlled Descent
  • Turning Back Uphill
  • Directional Changes Around Obstacles
  • Tree Navigation
  • Jumping Safety
  • Climbing
  • Turning Out
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Leading a Group
  • Tracking Your Riding Partners

MOUNTAIN SAFETY AND AWARENESS- Whether this is your first trip to ride in the mountains, or you only ride in the mountains, we are going to help you be better prepared for a safe day of riding.

  • Check Daily Forecast
  • Recent Weather Activity
  • Preparation
  • Clothing
  • Food & Drink
  • Safety Equipment
  • Tools
  • Understanding Riding Area Terrain
  • Survival Essentials
  • Communication
  • Choosing Riding Partners/Group
  • Safe Travel Management